It seems that this word is thrown around without regard for its definition or purpose in this world.  It is commonly used to further a cause or hinder it but does anyone understand what it means. Equality is what so many have died for, shed tears for, been persecuted and hated and harassed for: so my question is why? Now I know there are many answers to this some may say ” because if we don’t fight and struggle for our freedoms now who will.” others may state that ” we deserve the same rights and the same treatment as everyone else.” but in the end it all comes back to someone at some point in time saying blacks, homosexuals, women etc. are lesser than us and therefore deserve less in every way. In turn the blacks were enslaved the homosexuals ostracized and the women chained down to be no more than housewives and secretaries. The only thing that kept those from accepting their forced station was the will and the strength to be different. It was the few who defied the many because once the bitter blade of truth is laid down onto the tongues that previously shouted horrific slurs and hurtful messages their will only be silence. Then a murmur and then uproar because one drops one instance of defiance can change the fate of the world. Why do people strive for equality? Well that’s simple, no one under any circumstance will accept anything less not if there a murderer or simply someone who was told that they were worthless because when they do the world is lost to us all and progress will cease. 

Someone once asked me why I do what I do and I stared at him it disbelief, why fight for something that is so obviously out numbered with no hope to win? It’s because despite the fact that I may just be one drop in the ocean the ocean was made out of drops just like me who will accept nothing less than equality.



  1. The state of being equal, esp. in status, rights, and opportunities.

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