Girl Scout Gold Award Project, “Protect Yourself”

My most significant volunteer work has been, my Girl Scout Gold Award project, “Protect Yourself” in which I researched, trained, and developed a class that teaches how to defend against sexual assault, blogged, taught students, trained teachers, write and speak about my project. I identified a community issue, sexual assault and decided to make a difference both locally and globally. I developed this class because of family members and friends being sexual assaulted and assaulted. I dove head first into teaching anyone I could. I taught people at Fossil Ridge High School, Girls State in Gunnison CO, at the National Youth Leadership Forum of Medicine in Boston, at Brown University to my floor in the dorms, and to the teachers at Fort Collins High School.

Did you know, 1 out of 4 women are attacked while in college? This was the case for my sister as well as, a statistic. In my project I addressed the issue of sexual assault. It is also one of the most prominent issues in the world being that every two minutes someone in the United States man or woman is sexually assaulted. My target audiences ranges from students of the age 14 to students to the age 17 due to the fact that those within the ages 16 to 19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of rape, attempted rape, or sexual assault. After participants finish the class they gain basic self-defense skills as well as strategic thinking methods that will aid in surviving an assault. Through participating in the project many find themselves with confidence, which previously they were lacking. This project also provided information about sexual assault and what to watch out for when traveling alone or in a group so as to avoid being assaulted.


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