Prayer For the Class of 2014

At 17 your whole world is ahead of you. You are innocent. Some waiting for their first kiss or first date. Others waiting for the right one before they give up their innocence. For me it is senior year of high school an I am preparing myself for the brutal world.

I’ve seen what happens to Freshman in college. Some think of it as initiation into college. I think of it as barbarianism. No one should loose their virginity to a curl, revolting, repulsive, repellent person. It is something that should be beautiful between to caring people.

Young love is suppose to be the sweetest. College is suppose to be the best years of your life. My hope for my graduating class is to be safe. I hope your love is beautiful between to people who care about each other. I pray my class helps each other through the difficult years ahead. May none of my classmates be subject to abominable, awful, abhorrent, atrocious, appalling behavior.

Be safe Class of 2014. Lean on each other in hard times. Remember to be good to each other. Remember to be good to yourself.


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