strength comes from within

Life can be hard sometimes, it can make you feel like it’s not worth living or its to hard to keep fighting for. Well that’s not true; despite how hard life may get or how sad and lonely it may be, it gets better. No I’m not just saying that as a person who has seen this happen to others. I know from experience, and despite all of the terrible things that happen just remember to never stop fighting. Whether it be for your life or your sanity never stop fighting because once you do you’ve lost. Gather up that courage I know you have hiding inside of you and force yourself to smile again or laugh because however fake it may be it helps. Instead of wallowing in self-pity like we all have gone and help someone so they never have to suffer like you did. If you do that you will make it through your trials and tribulations and you will be able to stand on top once more because by helping others you just help yourself.

It’s ok to cry hell I even recommend it but remember you can’t lose yourself in that pain. Feel it respect it but do not and I mean do not let it take over your life because no one deserves that, not anyone.



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