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Ending rape on campus: Activism takes several forms By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

This link is about campus rape. It is a widespread problem. My hope is that Universities start addressing the issue. It is time to explore solutions for the problem. It is time to stop blaming the victim and stop sweeping it under the rug. Rape and sexual assault does exist on college campuses. Lets work on a solution and get the problem solved.



A Renewed Call to Action to End Rape and Sexual Assault | The White House

“White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.”

A Renewed Call to Action to End Rape and Sexual Assault | The White House.

Stand Tall

Sometimes you need to pause and reavaluate. You need to look in the mirror and see who you are. I did that this past week. I realized my worth.

This was forced on me when I was excluded from something that I so wanted. It turns out all I wanted was acceptance for who I am. I was forced to look myself in the mirror and I realized that it was their loss.

I may only be seventeen but I am a fierce force. I am strong. I am smart. I am a good person. I am a leader among my peers and community.

I am proud of my heritage. I am proud of who I am. I am proud to be me.

Never forget never forget your roots, they will hold you up when someone tries to knock you down.

For My Sister

Sleep sister I feel your pain.
Sleep sister know I am here for you.
Sleep sister you are loved.
Sleep sister you need to heal.
Sleep sister I’ll see you soon.


Today I found out about a friend who is 19 years old. She was raped on campus at CU Boulder this Fall. I always saw her as a strong women of 6 feet tall and confident. Now I see her as a child trying to figure out how to be safe to survive life on a college campus.

You feel empowered your senior year of high school your ready to take on the world. Then some pugnacious petulant of a person steals from you power over your own body. It’s hard as a friend to see my friend suffer. Its hard knowing what she is going through. The nights that she will wake up afraid to go back to sleep. The sudden smells that will make her remember and vomit. PTSD hits at the most awkward times.

Now she is armed with pepper spray. She is scared of the dark. Has aids test every 2 months. She is afraid to kiss her boyfriend. Life will never be the same. She has lost her innocence.

Now life is shades of gray. Some days more light shines through the barrier. Most days it is hell. It will be like this for months maybe years. It takes a long time to sort through the abuse and brutality of what someone thought they had the right to do to another human being.

If you are reading this post. Please send your prayers and good thoughts out into the universe. Help my friend find peace. Help others who have suffered through attack and rape. Tonight I am praying for all of you. I am sending good thoughts out into the universe. I pray you sleep an innocent sleep unburdened by pain or fear. Good night my friends stay strong you are not alone.

What Can You Do on a College Campus to Create Consent

In this article it shows fun ways you can create consent on a college campus. I found it motivating to see students actively talking about sexual assault prevention.Click on the link below.


Rape Kits needed at University of North Texas campus

University of North Texas does not provided rape kits at student health services.

Read the article  http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/11/01/rape-kits-university-of-north-texas/3352975/

How can you help. Sign a petition at change .org  http://www.change.org/petitions/university-of-north-texas-supply-rape-kits-through-the-health-and-wellness-center