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Survivor’s Story – The Sum of What I Have Learned

By Anonymous

Do you remember as a child when you were told exercise is good for you? You exercise to regain yourself, to feel prettier, feel healthy. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. There are people waiting lurking in the shadows. The shadow people have no heart, no sense of right and wrong. They only think of themselves and have no remorse for the pain they inflict on others.

To survive the showdown you must fight for your life. Shadow people will do more than rape you. You must fight for your life, because it depends on it. Fight like it is the last night you will breath or be on this earth. Fight!!!

Shadow people know their prey. Be prepared for what follows. Change your locks and phone number. My shadow person had a key. I only found out after he broke in and ransacked my safe place. He would call my phone, to the point that my phone would scare me when it rang. I changed my locks, phone number and added a deadbolt.

Trust your instinct. To survive you must know your surroundings. If something doesn’t feel right trust yourself. It is ok to trust your instincts.

Change things up. Don’t always jog in the same place or same time. Don’t go to the gym or leave work like a time clock. Being unpredictable is safe. No one should be able to map out your day or night.

All of these things saved me from my shadow person. I trusted my instincts. If you think you are being followed or stalked believe in yourself? You are not crazy. You are being safe.

Fight for your life. You may be punched, broken and bruised but you will be alive for another day. I was badly punched, broken and bruised but I am alive. Alive for another day, another month, another year.

Fight like it is the last night you will breath or be on this earth. Fight for your life. Fight!!!


Ending rape on campus: Activism takes several forms By Emanuella Grinberg, CNN

This link is about campus rape. It is a widespread problem. My hope is that Universities start addressing the issue. It is time to explore solutions for the problem. It is time to stop blaming the victim and stop sweeping it under the rug. Rape and sexual assault does exist on college campuses. Lets work on a solution and get the problem solved.


A Renewed Call to Action to End Rape and Sexual Assault | The White House

“White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.”

A Renewed Call to Action to End Rape and Sexual Assault | The White House.

Athletes and Rape Prevention

Have you ever wondered what would happen if student athletes became part of rape prevention and education on college campuses?

I as an athlete have pondered that question. I believe, athletes properly trained and encouraged to support and help the campus communities can make a powerful difference. Football players would enforce and monitor there own team on campus while helping the whole campus with Rape education and prevention. They would be honored for there contribution to campus safety.

Why stop there? Why not involve all student athletics in the cause. They could take a pledge to do no harm and help battle campus rape. The more people helping cure the problem and working on education and prevention the better.

A campus with ZERO rape or sexual assault is a safe campus. Each dorm floor would have educated student athletes training non-athletes on how to stay safe, how to report, how to help and where to get help.

It is better for athletes to part of the solution on campus instead of part of the problem. Its time to protect the mothers, sisters, girlfriends and friends form that evil four letter word RAPE. It is time to step up and be a leader on campus and prevent and educate the campus community on RAPE.